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Medical Bankruptcy Fort Worth

If you are considering medical bankruptcy, start with advice and experience you can trust. Alice Bower will do everything possible to answer your questions. We help clients protect assets and ensure the best possible outcome in each case.

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The crushing weight of overdue hospital bills can tear a family apart. No matter how carefully you plan and save, serious injury or illness can create expenses that quickly spiral out of control. Complications like unemployment, paying for in-home care, or long-term treatment plans can push your home finances over the edge. If any of this sounds familiar, rest assured that you are not alone. In fact, this dilemma is far more common than you might think. We offer help!

In the United States today, medical bankruptcy accounts for more than half of the claims filed every year. With an aging population, rising healthcare costs, and a tough economy, we are seeing more families under this kind of financial stress than ever before. You do not have to go through it alone. Between our years of experience and the high volume of cases recently, we are uniquely prepared to provide expert advice that can make a difference in your case.

Medical bankruptcy is not separate from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13; it is merely a reason to file for personal bankruptcy. Our firm is focused on this area of the law and we proudly work closely with all of our clients, crafting sound individual solutions for carious needs and goals. We know how to translate what you want into the paperwork that the court needs, and we know how to work effectively with trustees.

The true cost of medical bankruptcy goes far beyond filing fees and back bills. The consequences last for years, so it is extremely important to do it right. With expert representation, you can make the most of your big decision and be sure that you are not making expensive mistakes, or worse, omitting documentation that could lead to rejection of your claim.

Since 2005, the filing process has grown more complicated and expensive. Do not lose precious time grappling with the learning curve when you can hire a skilled attorney to represent you. It is a more affordable option than you might think. When we assess your case, we examine your entire financial situation and work with you to plan out exactly how to solve your most pressing debt problems.

When your family faces a catastrophic medical issue, the last thing you need is more stress. If you are faced with a mountain of hospital bills, you are already overwhelmed by paperwork. Put them burden on legal professionals who are qualified to help. Our legal staff will answer your questions and set up a free appointment. Call today and start the process. Ignoring credit problems only makes them worse.

Our mission is getting families back on their feet and financially stable again. While your problems may seem overwhelming, there is always a solution. We help people negotiate tangled situations like this every day. We are a small, dedicated firm devoted to seeing the big picture and navigating a clear path out of debt problems.

If you think it is time to consider medical bankruptcy, give us a call. Our process is simple and straightforward, and once you get some qualified answers you can start planning with confidence and clarity. Call today and learn how we can put our passion and experience to work for your future.

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We provide medical bankruptcy services in Ft Worth, Arlington, Irving, North Richland Hills, Grapevine, Colleyville, Mansfield, Burleson, Grand Prairie and Bedford. The information contained on this website is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.