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Debt Relief Lawyer

A debt relief lawyer can be your best ally if you are drowning in bills and unable to see a way out. He or she can shield you from creditor harassment and offer effective ways to eliminate or repay your debts on a reasonable schedule. He or she can give you a fresh financial start.

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If you are looking for a debt relief lawyer, it is safe to bet that your finances have spiraled out of control and you are desperate to get back on your feet again. Often the most frustrating part of struggling with financial problems isn’t the constant phone calls, the penalty fees that are stacking up, or even the hard decisions that have to be made every month; it is the stress of not having a clear roadmap to help you see a way out.

In these tough economic times, ordinary Americans are being trapped by extraordinary circumstances. Former breadwinners now face unemployment or underemployment, which makes it difficult to meet financial obligations. Some people are forced to live off of credit cards.

A debt relief lawyer who has experience handling such matters can advise you, help you with paperwork, act as your voice in the legal aspects of your case, and give you concrete ways to seek relief.

Among the ways an attorney can help are through exploration of:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy: The majority of a debtor's property is surrendered to a bankruptcy court trustee. The property is sold off, or liquidated, and the proceeds used to pay off creditors. Any outstanding debt is forgiven. To be eligible, your income must fall below your state’s median income – although there are exceptions.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy: You are allowed to keep your house. Your debt is restructured and you are allowed to pay some or all of it off in about three to five years. This option is often approved for people who have a source of income that falls above the state median. It may help you avoid IRS wage garnishments and help you keep your car.

Some people explore debt consolidation, settlement and counseling services. There are companies that can seek to negotiate reduced payments or pay off your debts using the equity in your home. However, many of these companies use predatory practices, or you may not have equity in your home, or you may be too far in debt to qualify for these services.

Debt settlement is a complex field and it is almost impossible for the individual consumer to evaluate and compare their choices. Honest, detailed information is hard to come by, and most of what you find is just advertisements and fake testimonials. An attorney can give you the information you need to make informed, confident decisions about your financial future.

Retaining a qualified debt relief lawyer is a powerful first step toward getting a handle on your life. You can end the cycle of falling behind on your bills, stop the constant harassment of collection agency phone calls, and finish paying off debts you thought would never end.

Sound advice and clear, understandable answers can take a huge weight off your shoulders. Uncertainty and doubt should not be adding to your worries – you deserve answers and peace of mind. Retaining a debt relief lawyer can help you get your life back under control.

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