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Individual Bankruptcy Fort Worth

Individual bankruptcy can be a difficult decision for anyone, but we can clear up a lot of confusion regarding the laws that govern who is eligible and what options you may have. If you are burdened by debt and tired of harassing phone calls, call us now.

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If you are like thousands of Americans struggling in this troubled economy, chances are you have thought about filing for protection as a way to protect yourself from creditors and help resolve your debt.

Individual bankruptcy is a last resort option that no one takes lightly, and we understand that. Let us show you the various options possible in your case. We have the skills and experience it takes to help you work through the process and come out of it with greater pride, solvency and financial choices.

Call us today to learn more because your credit problems will not go away on their own. We can immediately stop harassing phone calls from collections agencies and nasty letters from mortgage companies. We help relieve hundreds of people from the crushing burden of debt.

The options available to you depend largely on the type of debt that you owe, the amount of debt and the number of assets you have. We help our clients decide the best course of action, whether they wish to liquidate property to pay off creditors, or retain secured assets like car and home.

With individual bankruptcy, most people have two options - Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. These are very different in nature and process, and our attorney can help you determine which course is right for you. We also explore whether there are other debt resolution avenues that apply in your situation.

Chapter 7:

We have worked with a number of clients who have low income as the result of layoffs. A remarkable number of them have quickly found themselves way over their heads financially: Too much debt and property to pay off, and not enough income to make mortgage or car payments. If you are in this situation and are willing to sacrifice assets such as your home or car, perhaps the best option for you is Chapter 7.

We have successfully worked through Chapter 7 filings with many clients who were able to have the bulk of their debt discharged and make a fresh start. Many of them have even restored their credit to the point where they now qualify for bank loans again.

Chapter 13:

If individual bankruptcy is something you fear because you want, or need to stay in your house and keep your secured assets, you may wish to seek consider protection under Chapter 13. If your filing is approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Court, you may retain all of your property and satisfy your debts over a payment plan that is typically three to five years. In some cases the debt owed can be reduced. Our attorney knows how to work with court trustees to negotiate successfully for our clients.

Having an aggressive and experienced individual bankruptcy lawyer on your side is important because both filings require a great attention to detail, organizing, planning and paperwork. Life is stressful enough without the burden of navigating the process yourself. We know the filing process inside and out, and have worked with many of the trustees in this district to establish positive, professional working relationships.

Our attorney can help with filing your petitions, gathering information and stopping harassing phone calls from creditors. We can help you get back on track toward financial stability.

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Alice Bower, Attorney at Law, is an individual bankruptcy attorney practicing in Ft Worth, Arlington, Irving, North Richland Hills, Grapevine, Colleyville, Mansfield, Burleson, Grand Prairie and Bedford.