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In these tough economic times, you cannot afford to lose your own wages week after week while you try to balance the checkbook, put food on the table, and keep your bank account solvent. If you are tired of just settling for the way things are, it is time to call in professional help.

An experienced and effective wage garnishment lawyer in Fort Worth can help you if your wages are being docked due to unsatisfied debt. Gain control of your income and finances again with strong, supportive legal advice.

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What is Garnishment?

Garnishment allows one party to seize another's assets to settle debts, via a court order. In a wage garnishment, for example, a debtor's earnings are withheld by their employer to repay a debt.

These withheld amounts may repay debts for:

People often think of “garnishment” as something that only applies to a paycheck. However, a court can rule on any property or assets that you own. You can even be subjected to a bank account garnishment, allowing the collector to remove money from your account directly.

Garnishments can lead to a thicket of complicated rulings and appeals. We have been there before and are ready to put that experience to work for you. Do not lose money on simple but costly paperwork mistakes, and do not lose hope until your case has been assessed by an experienced lawyer.

How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Texas

Hiring a confident, dedicated garnishment lawyer is a critical first step toward financial freedom. When you are overwhelmed by the stress and frustration of a financial situation that is out of your control, having a qualified attorney in your corner can make all difference.

In order to obtain this court order, a creditor must first get a default judgment. When you receive a notice of this lawsuit, answering it will delay the creditor's ability to garnish your wages or assets.

Filing for bankruptcy is a powerful option for stopping a garnishment. A bankruptcy filing starts an automatic stay, ending collection attempts from creditors, including garnishments. Additionally, debt settlement and other negotiations can help you avoid a garnishment.

How Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help

Here in Texas, a garnishment lawyer is less common than in other states because the law protects citizen wages from all but a few forms of wage withholding. Voluntary wage assignments, such as those enforced by payday loan stores, are easily revoked in court under Texas law.

Most often, we are consulted for cases where student loan debt, child support payments, or IRS decisions are the issue. We have helped hundreds of clients through tough life changes, from settlement to restructuring, as well as the “last resort” of filing for bankruptcy.

No matter what, our focus remains on the financial stability of our clients – we want to make sure you can support your family, meet your obligations and build a strong foundation that can last.

Our attorney is well prepared to help you cut through the fog. No matter what you are dealing with, your questions do have answers – and your problems do have solutions.

Take the First Step Toward Financial Relief

Whether you seek to settle a long-standing dispute or get some tax debt relief, you need skillful representation to get the results you want. We are familiar with all forms of debt settlement and payroll solutions, and we advise hundreds of clients on how to transform untenable situations into straightforward game plans for future success.

If you need a Fort Worth wage garnishment attorney you can trust for dedicated service at reasonable rates, get in touch with us today.

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Do not settle for more sleepless nights. Let us help you obtain the debt relief you need. Call our law firm at (817) 241-5552 today for a free consultation with an experienced wage garnishment lawyer.

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