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Fort Worth Lien Attorney

If you need an experienced lien attorney who knows the system and gets results, call Alice Bower, Attorney at Law today.

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A lien attorney can help when your property is attached by the government, a contractor or other creditor to satisfy a debt. Even one missed payment can result in a lien, affecting your ability to sell your property and harming your credit for years to come.

Getting the best advice possible can make all the difference on your lifestyle, finances and credit report. Talk to us if you are behind on payments and want to avoid an attachment.

We can:

  • Slow the lien process to give you time to protect your assets
  • Arrange an Offer-in-Compromise, which allows you to pay a reduced settlement
  • Seek a temporary release a lien placed upon property, making it possible to sell it for its true value.
  • Create a livable payment plan
  • Seek to get rid of interest, fees and penalties

We have more than 30 years of experience with successfully settling tax and payment disputes of all kinds, from mechanic’s liens to federal levies. No matter what circumstances you are faced with, we have the experience and knowledge to handle your problems effectively.

A lien attorney affords you the ability to discuss your case in private. Unlike a CPA or tax preparer, a lawyer is not required to give the IRS information about you. We can create a solid plan that seeks to preserve assets and negotiate settlements.

Whether you are an individual or a business, in the middle of long-term litigation or just got your first certified letter, consulting with a veteran tax and debt relief lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

If you are faced with wage garnishment or attachment of assets, it is understandable to feel lost and helpless. We can help you regain confidence and control, even when you are dealing with IRS attachments on your property, bank accounts –even paychecks.

As an experienced lien attorney, we know what it takes to successfully handle negotiations with the government and creditors. We understand the strategies used by federal agencies and companies, and we can match them with precision and vigor. We deliver results for hardworking American families and entrepreneurs who face threats to their property. Give us a call today and find out how we may be able to assist you. Your first consultation is free. There is no obligation, and our staff is focused on achieving results.

We can buy you precious time to protect yourself, and formulate a plan to turn your situation around. Our focus is on helping you keep more of what you have worked hard to earn, and get back on your feet.

When we assess your case, we take the big picture into account and can walk you through the careful planning that makes long-term success possible.

When you need a lien attorney, turn to a dedicated firm with experience you can depend on. We are proud of our record, devoted to what we do, and always considering new cases. When it is time for you to take protective action, make the first step count. We fight for an individual’s rights in the face of heavy-handed government action.

The stakes are too high for guesswork and second-hand advice. You need a highly skilled attorney in your corner, and you need dedicated service at reasonable rates.

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