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We Will Negotiate with Creditors on Your Behalf

Handling financial problems without a lawyer is a tall order; most people simply cannot do it alone. An experienced debt settlement attorney can make a huge difference for people with overwhelming financial troubles.

However, it takes a savvy lawyer for the best results. We do not suffer intimidation tactics that often prompt average working people to make hasty decisions or follow misinformed advice. If your bills are piling up and you are receiving notices and phone calls from debt collectors, our Fort Worth debt settlement attorneys can help.

Contact a debt settlement attorney now at (817) 241-5552. We offer free consultations!

How We Can Help You With Debt Negotiation

A debt settlement attorney can open up options for people with significant debt who do not want to file for individual bankruptcy. Our attorney has years of experience working with debtors, creditors, and collection agencies.

We are proud to have helped negotiate affordable settlements and get consumers caught up with their bills. Alice Bower, Attorney at Law can assist almost anyone suffering from credit card debt, back taxes, medical debts, and other financial troubles.

Stopping Harassing Phone Calls

We can write a powerful "cease and desist" letter directing all creditors to deal directly with us – not you. Creditors and debt collectors think nothing of harassing you at all hours of the day, even at work. They work on commission, so their sole motivation is getting money – even from someone who does not have it. Harassing creditors use powerful tactics – and so should you.

Reducing Payments on Outstanding Balances

Most of our clients reduce their debt by as much as 80%. For many people with overwhelming financial burdens, bankruptcy is the best choice.

However, creditors hate to see a debtor filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy means that they will either collect nothing or have to wait many years for repayment. This means creditors are more likely to accept a form of debt settlement over a potential bankruptcy. We can negotiate settlements quickly and effectively.

Straighten Out Your Credit Reports

This process requires thorough and consistent communication with the 3 main credit reporting firms. Our lawyers work ceaselessly to remove any inaccurate, misleading, and simply incorrect marks on credit reports. We help keep them current and make certain they reflect the progress a debtor is making toward repayment.

Save Your Home or Vehicle

Most people simply cannot function without reliable transportation. When children are involved, moving can affect self-esteem and academic success.

We can help negotiate affordable payment plans with creditors. We can do this through the power of secured assets like a car, home, or other property. This option can save you from the trauma and humiliation of moving or having your auto repossessed. In many cases, debtors can keep the homes they own or stay in their apartments for an extended period.

Let Us Help You Achieve Financial Relief

Hiring a lawyer can be affordable and is one of the shrewdest decisions you can make when facing mounting debt. Our lawyers enjoy a high success rate when it comes to helping families pay off or discharge debt.

You lose nothing by giving us a call and setting up a free initial consultation. Whether you choose to retain us, you can come away with a better direction toward the path of financial freedom.

Call now for debt relief options at (817) 241-5552. Our Fort Worth debt settlement lawyers offer free consultations!

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  • We are so thankful and greatful we came to Alice for our bankruptcy.

    “We are so thankful and greatful we came to Alice for our bankruptcy.”

    - Aurelio S.
  • Alice and her team are absolutely amazing!

    “Alice and her team are absolutely amazing!”

    - Yessenia C.
  • Highly Highly Recommend Alice Bower's office to any person who needs help.

    “Highly Highly Recommend Alice Bower's office to any person who needs help.”

    - Sanjay A.
  • This whole office cares for their clients

    “I can’t say enough how this whole office cares for their clients they make sure from start to finish...”

    - Tracy P.
  • I highly recommend her services

    “I highly recommend her services and will never forget the financial peace she helped bring back to our lives.”

    - Abram C.

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